Our New Puzzles

Sevgin Goktas Ozsan's new puzzles-Rosina Wachtmeister-Laces and Eugene Ivanov-Put Your Hands UpDid I tell you that I love cats? Yes I did:))) But then, did I tell you that I love doing puzzles?

Today Guney came home with two sweet surprises: two cat puzzles, each cuter than the other:)) One is a work of Eugene Ivanov, 1000 pieces, but the pieces are very small and the whole thing is A3 in size. This one might be a little tiresome, I have never done a puzzle with small pieces, but I suppose I will catch a grip soon:))

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Cats cats cats

Cats of Burhaniye by Sevgingo

What would be our favorite way to spend our precious and very limited time in Burhaniye? Photographing cats of course :). Cats, along with dogs, are the most fun and photogenic friends we have in this world. I am especially in love with the little one in the last photos. Sure it will grow up to be a gorgeous cat- it looks so much like the kitten days of my old boy Asil :).

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