Weekend Mode On

Weekend mode on-sevgin goktas ozsan-sevgingo-zara hm waistcoat patchwork dress DSC_2901 Weekend mode on-sevgin goktas ozsan-sevgingo-zara hm waistcoat patchwork dress DSC_2878

This weekend Güney and I wanted to take a break from work and promised to at least go out for tea/coffee. What to wear? The weather is unstable, kinda better than a few days back though- yes, it is vest time! A light dress with a patchwork pattern, and a warm vest. I am absolutely against fur, but love faux fur for texture. The Zara vest in this outfit felt so real when I first touched it that I immediately withdrew my hand, grossed out thinking it really is sheep fur. Then I checked the inner label and voila, 100% polyester, no problem here. Hands back on- aww so fluffy! Toasty!

Our café escapade lasted about two hours, we returned home bummed with due work on our minds. Still, a break is a break 🙂

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All Black

sevgin goktas ozsan all black stradivarious waterfall jacket autumn fall winter bershka top DSC_1684

Fall brought a lot of black onto the shelves and displays. And frankly, I am glad it did.Sometimes I complain about going out and not seeing a single soul in any other color than black and gray, as if there was some sort of mass mourning, only to find myself in all black. I really love wearing black- I have to admit that living with several cats for years makes it a bit of a struggle though. (And now you know that none of my cats are black) Despite the struggle and the gloom, I will stick to wearing black because it is also a very elegant and pure choice..

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