sevgin-goktas-ozsan-sevgingo-casual-spring-hm-stradivarious-believe-in-love-portraitsToday was the “springiest” day we have had lately. I must admit that I am seriously over-cautious about being cold. Even when the weather is just fine I prepare for the worst and get lost in scarves and gloves and puffy ear muffs and pretty much everything I could put on, ending up just carrying them around and getting tired. I know it makes no sense and am trying to train myself out of it. Today it was exactly the kind of weather you’d “grab something to wear and get out” and I made good progress on my weather appropriate clothing training by not wrapping my head in stuff :)))

The knit coat, biker jeans and boots I am wearing are the pieces I have worn most often this winter- they have become some sort of uniform to me. I had fallen in love with the coat the moment I saw its patchwork like pattern and pockets. Added its comfort, it had become an irreplaceable favorite:) I will not get into the details of my love for biker jeans, it is beyond words.. I had written about my boots in a previous post-“All Black“.

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